Debt Collection

Our entire economy is based on the principle of “good faith.” Someone offers goods or services based on the expectation of payment. The person providing payment expects receipt of some form of good or service. However, sometimes one of the parties involved in this sort of transaction preys on the good faith of the other person. For those who have provided a good or service but have not received payment, they may find themselves only receiving talk and promises.

How can an attorney help in debt collection?

Large businesses often use debt collection agencies to collect a debt that is owed. They may even use the law in their favor to garnish a person’s wages, repossess the good that was “sold,” or negatively affect the debtor’s credit. While these collection agencies can be effective, they are often not the appropriate course of action for smaller businesses, sole proprietors, or singular debts. Instead, an attorney can pursue appropriate legal actions against the debtors to recover the outstanding debt.

Is hiring a Debt Collection Attorney the same as suing someone?

In short, no. Yoseph Orshan has significant experience helping clients recover debts that are owed to them. He handles a wide variety of debt collection activities from negotiating payment schedules, preparing contractual payment agreements, or even engaging with debtors via an official letter. Legal action is only taken if the debt cannot be resolved in other ways with smaller cases taken to District Court and larger debts taken to Circuit Court or Federal District Court.

The last thing a small business owner wants to do is chase down accounts receivable. Instead, allow Orshan Legal Group LLC to handle your debt collection needs so you can focus on what is most important – running and growing your business. Trust Orshan Legal Group LLC with your debt collection needs.