Civil Litigation

Your tenant refuses to pay rent. Your contractor never finished the job you paid them to do. The mechanic you trusted to perform a repair does not fulfill their end of the bargain. Each of these disputes can be settled with civil litigation.

What is Civil Litigation?

There are two major types of litigation – civil and criminal. Criminal litigation is the process of going to court over an alleged crime that has been committed. The idea behind criminal law is to punish a person for a crime such as murder, assault, or theft. Civil litigation is the process of righting a wrong, rather than punishing a person for a crime.

Where is Civil Litigation Tried?

The District Court of Maryland has exclusive jurisdiction for landlord-tenant disputes, motor vehicle violations, misdemeanors, and certain felonies. They also see civil cases where the amount in question is under $5,000 and many cases where the amount is less than $30,000. District courts do not have juries but are heard by judges who make decisions about cases that are heard there. This is why it is vital to have a well-prepared, well-documented case before stepping foot in the courthouse.

While it may not make financial sense to hire an attorney to appear in a district court for a small judgment, having the guidance of an attorney can often make a difference in whether a judgment is awarded in the full amount. Consulting with Yoseph Orshan before appearing in District Court can ensure the case is well prepared and ready to be heard by a judge. In the case of larger lawsuits, which are held in Circuit Courthaving an attorney by your side who has prepared your case and can address the concerns of the court can alleviate the stress and uncertainty of going before a judge.

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